British Lymphology Society (BLS) support for my MSc dissertation 2015

BLS poster

As a Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapist, the best known professional body in the UK is probably MLDuk. However, the British Lymphology Society (BLS) is another professional body for therapists, which also holds a professional therapists’ directory. They work tirelessly to improve the lives of people with lymphoedema and to promote professional standards of those treating them. It also encourages academic research.

In 2015, when I did the  dissertation for my MSc in Complementary Medicine they were very supportive. They printed my proposal, looking for interviewees, in News and Views, their newsletter for members.

BLS news and views     BLS news and views 2

Six people replied. I went to meet them in their clinical environments all over the South of England. They provided me with such rich data to analyse and understand how lymphoedema management is delivered in the UK. I submitted the abstract for it to be assessed for presentation at the BLS Autumn conference before I had even finished the report. I was delighted when it was accepted.

BLS conference 1     BLS conference 2

I attended the conference at the National Motorbike Museum in Birmingham and had a great time.

The BLS continues to support research into lymphoedema and offers support for students. They have just launched their new, improved website and offers many types of membership for lymphoedema professionals. Check them out, they are a fantastic organisation: The British Lymphoology Society